Canyon Matka, Macedonia

Matka Lake, also known as the “womb” lake, is ideal for a day trip from Skopje. 

Only a 30 minutes drive from Skopje , Matka Lake has remained a popular weekend outings spot for the locals and it is best to visit this stunning Macedonian gem during the week.

Stacey from Australia and I planned to go to Lake Matka on her last day in Macedonia.

Hours before we leave for our journey, Tyson from Canada and Niclas from Germany checked into our dorm and decided to join us. The beauty of backpacker hostels!  

After a few failed attempts at finding our bus (bus 60, MKD 35 each way), we discovered a taxi ride from Skopje to Lake Matka is MKD500. Yes it is much more expensive than the bus but when converted to Euro, it is a 40min ride that costs less than €10, a deal we are all happy to take.


The oldest artificial lake in Macedonia, Matka lake hosts several monasteries and ten caves that could only be accessed by boat or kayak.
Hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, Lake Matka has plenty to offer for outdoor enthusiasts as well as day trippers.


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