Cappadocia Hike 3 – Paşabağ, Zelve Open Air Museum and Devrent Valley 

Most of the pictures from this post are taken along Paşabağ Yolu, which personally I think the most scenic part for Hike 3.

click on this picture for a more insider story by my fellow German Blogger Christian 🇩🇪

Hike 3 starts at Çavuşin Village. You can easily take a dolmuş from Göreme bus station to Çavuşin Village for ₺2 (one way) and that would be the starting point of your hike.

Following the blue arrow, you would be hiking along Paşabağ Yolu, where you would see a lot of interesting rock formations and landscapes.

However, once you hit the main road, you would be hiking along the highway until you reach the area marked with a black pointy glove on the map.  Once you are here, it is impossible to miss as it is packed with tour buses and tourists.

Of course my instinct is let’s escape this tourist crowd now!

As you hike further down Zelve Yolu, you would have the option to visit Zelve Yolu Museum (marked by a yellow star on the map) or take a dolmus further to Devrent Valley (marked by a red arrow)


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