Cappadocia Hike 1 – Pigeon Valley 

I picked Pigeon Valley (Güvercinlik Vadisi in Turkish) for my first hike in Cappadocia. After some online research, I was convinced that’s where I would find the famous Tree of Evil eyes. 


“In Turkey, and Greece, the Evil Eye has a deep cultural symbolism and the talisman is fixed to anything perceived to attract greed, envy, or ill-will to ward off the evil eye.”

I hiked the long trail from Göreme to Uçhısar via Görçeli Sk. 



At the start of my hike, I passed by Traveller’s cave hotel. I went inside with the intention to get a bottle of water but ended up discovering they have the most beautiful terrace that would be perfect to watch sunrise in Cappadocia. 

Here are some pictures from the start of my hike. 


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