Ölüdeniz Beach& Lagoon, Turkey 2015

Ölüdeniz, literally means “Dead Sea”, boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and lagoon along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Situated just 15km South of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz is an extremely popular tourist destination (especially Northern Europeans) from May to October.

My love & I only had 26 hours to enjoy this little piece of heaven and we could not wait to come back in about 3 weeks time.

We stayed at Seril Hotel in Fethiye, at €35 per night, Seril is certainly one of the most nicely designed budget hotel I had experienced.

An easy 10min journey on the dolmus ($2 Turkish Lira one way) would take us from our hotel to Fethiye Otogar (the main bus station). From there, another dolmus would take you to Ölüdeniz ($5 Turkish Lira one way, 20min approx.)

Blue Lagoon

Once you have arrived, you will be welcomed with breathtaking views of beach,  turquoise water, lush  mountains and endless paragliders in soaring in the sky.

You might be tempted to jump into the sea right in front of you immediately. However, I would strongly urge you to head to the Ölüdeniz Nature Park ($4.50 Turkish Lira per entry). It is a mere 5min walk stroll from where the dolmus drops you off and it would be way less touristy than the beach right in from of where the dolmus drops you off. Once you are inside the park, you can head to the Lagoon immediately for all sorts of water sports. We did kayaking, $12 Turkish Lira for an hour’s rental. It could get a little crowded during summer season but you would care at all with all its beauty right in front of you. Especially if you love people watching, then this is a brilliant place to be.

much less crowded side of the beach once you enter the nature park

kayaking , Blue Lagoon