Cinque Terre 2015-a Gastronomical Wonderland with the best views to match

Cinque Terre is certainly a gastronomical wonderland with the best views to match. Below is a chronicle of all the amazing food we have managed to experience during our stay. 

gelato in Manarola


DAY1 14/05/2015

19:15 my first pistacchio gelato. ūüŹ†location: Trattoria Via Dell’Amore, Riomaggiore 

20:46 bruschette ligure (bruschetta with pesto sauce& basil) with locally produced Cinque Terre white wine. ūüŹ† location: Nessun Dorma, Manarola. We ended up coming back to Nessun Dorma everyday and once you are here, it will all become clear to you: Nessun Dorma simply has the best view of Manarola (or in our view, of the entire Cinque Terre).

aperitivo at Nessun Dorma

21:59 Tagliolino con calamari, muscoli e pomodorino secco (fettuccine with seafood & sundries tomatoes). Trofie al pesto (a local speciality, twist short pasta with basil sauce). more Cinque Terre white wine.ūüŹ† location: Trattoria Il Porticciolo, Manarola

DAY 2 15/05/2015

10:39 focaccia rucola stracchino pomodorini (focaccia with arugula, cheese& cherry tomato). Birra Morreti (Italian beer) ūüŹ† location: caf√© Giovannini, Monterroso


vegetarian pizza and more Cinque Terre White wine in Santa Margherita 

Santa Margherita

19:17 aperitivo ūüŹ† Fartamorgana, Camogli 

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