Rome Italy October 2014

 Random facts I have learnt in Rome, about the city and about myself.

  • Bucatini has become my favourite type of pasta
  • Sampietrini is my favourite type of pavement
  • Belén Rodriguez is every Italian man’s fantasy
  • Pecorino Romano is wonderful
  • Keglevich is Vodka made in Heaven
  • Paolo Intini is the king of nightlife 
  • Morgan from Bluvertigo is a legend, he could do no wrong
  • Lucio Fontana, an Italian artist, is the founder of art movement Spatialism

The most delicious home-cooked meals prepared by my wonderful Couchsurfing hosts

  • Tortellini con pana e tartufo
  • Broccolo romanesco ripassato in padella
  • Parmigiana

Of course if you hang out with the wonderful locals long enough, you would learn some swear words. Mine is “testa di cazzo”!

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